Hive Price Prediction Contest

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Hello again. We took a break from the events we organized on our community page for a while. We continue where we left off.

The cryptocurrency market has been following an extremely stagnant course for about three months. Transaction volume dropped drastically. Volatility is decreasing day by day. One of the biggest reasons for this situation is that countries around the world have started to increase interest rates. As the money supply decreased, the amount of fiat money entering the crypto market decreased considerably. Trading volume on Hive is also on the decline. It is a known fact that price drops will not end unless the bull season begins. However, the decrease in transaction volume is negative for us. I will publish content that will raise awareness on this issue. I'm also thinking of organizing a few events. You are reading the announcement of one of them.

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Predict Hive price next week. State your reasons as a comment to this post. And make a 3-digit price prediction. Competition rules;

  • The date of occurrence of the Hive price that you need to predict is September 6, 5 UTC. Price estimates expire when prizes for this content are distributed.
  • You can add your price estimates to this page as a comment. Do not forget to write down your reasons.
  • Your price estimate must be in three digits. For example: $0.321 Hive. Such an application is necessary so that we can select the winning users.

Competition prizes:

  1. 500 Ecency points, 0.5 CentG
  2. 250 Ecency points, 0.25 CentG
  3. 100 Ecency points, 0.1 CentG

The prizes will be distributed to the top three users who made the closest guess after the price formation on September 6th. I will also vote according to the likes of the comments where the predictions are made. See you at new events. Stay tuned.


$0.31 is feasible. Let's see.

There's tendency for Hive price is hit 0.311 because it has bring down for a while being affected through all fiat platform

Congrats invest4free! Great prediction. Thanks for the prize @anadolu

Thank you for participating in the competition.


Cheers! I’m not happy that my prediction came true for hive, but I’m very happy to have won this prediction game 😅

Congratulations :) There are negative situations in the cryptocurrency market in general. There's no way this wouldn't affect the Hive. Good luck with your next predictions :D

it could be $0.328 since the volume of transactions carried out this week will continue to rise thanks to new investors

I sitll wish that the price is still low, so I can buy more hive. haha
but that is quite selfish from my side.
but my guess will be $0.298
all the best my friend.

$0.278 I think the price will be in an ascending triangle the coming days, but will be a little bit lower than today.

My guess would be $0.300 and the reason is that we can all witness the unstable fluctuation of the market price but with hope there should be a little increment in the coming days.

My prediction is $0,291. Hive will regain the $0,29 price and remain pretty flat the next week.

There is over $11 million in HBD. I suspect that we will see a large amount of this HBD converted into HIVE. Converting 1 million HIVE at $0.25 would create 4 million HIVE. That is a lot of HIVE for the market to absorb.

Since HBD puts a downward pressure on the price of HIVE, I suspect that we will see HIVE around $0.25 in the near future.


Post voted 100% for the hiro.guita project. Keep up the good work.

New manual curation account for Leofinance and Cent

Good afternoon, apparently there are problems with Pool CENT:CENTG or with hive-engine, it does not see the coins in the wallet, and in the last 15 minutes it has changed their number three times, but the pool only sees the old indicator, please check.

Have a nice day. Sometimes I have similar problems. I recommend you join this channel; Hive-Engine's Discor channel. You can check if there are users experiencing similar problems. If the problem persists, you can find a solution.

Thank you, the problem was fixed, but at that moment it looked very strange, the engine played with numbers as it pleased :)

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I will go for 0.318. That's the 38.2% Fibo bounce from the previous high of 0.402 to the 0.266 floor.


I know for a sure since decline the prices are global issue, it will be around 0.295. there's going to be ascending

$0.300 on the dot! ;)

Emeka took $0.300.

So I do $0.301!

I will go with, 0.31 😋