Which SPS Pool should I add Liquidity to?

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Hello. I've been dealing with the subject of defiance for a long time. In the first stage, I used Compound for a while. Then I met Uniswap, Sushi and Pancakeswap respectively. Various features, debt swap, etc. Although I used applications, the issue in my mind was liquidity pools. Now I continue to explore Hive-Engine, BSC and Polygon networks.

I've been staking SPS for a while. However, the yield rate was very low. I would continue if the token value could remain stable. However, I can't wait as the price chart is constantly moving in a certain direction :) Something that has been on the agenda for a long time recently caught my attention again: As you know, there are benefits to SPS staking. In addition, income can be generated by providing liquidity to the liquidity pools of the SPS token in various networks. You can access statistics such as the current status of these liquidity pools and return rates on this page. The issue that caught my attention is that I remain undecided about providing liquidity on two different blockchains. I'm talking about Hive-Engine and Binance Smart Chain.

  • There is $752,500 worth of liquidity in the Sps pool on Hive-Engine. On the last day, a trading volume of $ 53,640 was realized. Excluding BXT returns, the current APR rate is 58.23%. In addition, you receive 0.25% commission for transactions realized in the liquidity pool. You do not pay any fees when adding/removing liquidity and collecting rewards.
  • There is $959,540 worth of liquidity in the Sps pool on BSC Blockchain. The value of the trading volume in the last 24 hours is $74,940. The current APR rate is 47.95%. In addition, you will earn 0.25% from the transactions realized in the liquidity pool. You pay fees when adding or removing liquidity.

Which liquidity pool do you think I should provide liquidity to? What are your reasons?

Divide risk, gain experience in both networks, and considering similar factors, I considered providing liquidity in both pools. But I was also curious about your opinions. See you later. Stay tuned.

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I cannot say which one you should use, but I use the SPS. Swap.hive pool. Whether it is a good investment or not, I will find out down the road! Lol

According to my reviews, the efficiency of both pools is quite good. However, the higher the transaction volume in SPS, the more profitable the BSC network can be.

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