Another HPUD in the Books

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Well folks. I am still essentially 100% powered up. I withdrew some HBD at the beginning of the month but bought back in when the price dropped. This page shows my monthly recap. I now have 4892 HP and 624,000 coins on Hive Engine and related sites.

Since I am 100% powered up, I guess I will do another #hivePUD . I powered up 10 HIVE today. won't let me in; so I don't have a link to the transactions.

I powered up over 500 POB this month. The big news is that I bought and powered up 10,000 CCC so that I can curate inktober on Creative Coin.

My Suggestion for hivePUD

It seems to me that the point of #hivePUD is to encourage people get active on the platform. My suggestion is that the platform treat transferring money to Hive-Engine the same as a power up.

I actually would have purchased another 10 HIVE worth of CCC to increase my CCC curation for the internet's most popular drawing game.

BTW: I also think it is beneficial for hive users to have cash money on external exchanges. Because I had some cash on Bittrex, I was able to buy back into HIVE during the dip.

My plans for October

I wrote a post a day in September. It looks like I earned about $60.

This month I want to try something much harder. I would like to make drawings for the Inktober event.

I stopped working on art decades ago. But, I bought a glass drip pen and India Ink for the project. The problem is that I have no experience drawing with ink.

The last prompt for inktober52 (a different competition) was "wired" I wanted to show something protected by a barbed wire fence, I never got to the main picture. The first prompt for October is Crystal. So, I need to start drawing that post before October 1 is over. HIVE is on GMT; So, I guess the first will be over before I start drawing.

I only got part of my barbed wire drawing done.



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