Congratulations @yintercept!
You raised your level and are now a Dolphin!

Is this drawing drawn with pencil colours?
The pier is not looking like coloured with a pencil

I am using Prismacolor pencils which is a brand of wax-based color pencils. I finished off the picture with india ink. It is like drawing with a hard colored wax.

I see... can the prismapencil be erased?

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Sadly, it is really hard to erase prismacolor. So, one has to plan all of the highlights from the beginning and build up the picture in layers.

What I usually do is to draw the outline with graphite pencil. I then lay down the highlights in white and start layering other colors around the highlights. I have not mastered that technique, which is why you don't see intense highlights.

Prismacolor has a colorless blending tool that can pick up some of the extra pigment. I was able to remove a mistake with the colorless blender. One can lighten things with paint thinner.

Professional artists usually lay down a dozen layers as they build up an image. Some use masking tape or compounds for the highlights. Others use white ink for the highlights. i outlined objects in the picture with ink.

PS: There is a line of color pencils designed to be erased. I have not used it.


I am judging account status by the vesting shares column on This was my account status on HiveBuzz before my last token claim:


I am not sure what triggers the @hivebuzz badge. It might be vesting shares minus delegated shares; If that is so, I am months away from the badge.

Here is the proof art. I first wanted a dolphin doing a high jump. HIVE prefers landscape to portrait images; so I decided on a long jump.

I decided to break up the sea; so I drew a suspension bridge and a buoy.

There is not a reference photo. I actually just looked at pictures of dolphins, buoys and the Golden Gate bridge. I then went into another room and drew the pictures from my imagination. This is the proof of art picture.

Since I drew the buoy after the dolphin, I realized that my character was jumping into a trap and not out of one.