What Should the HIVE Community Do to Attract People who Play Hashtag Games?

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IMHO: HIVE is an ideal tool for hashtag based games like #inkTober. A great way to promote HIVE is to find hashtag based games on other platforms and to let the players know about the rewards they could receive if they switched their game to HIVE.

NOTE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC: If you want to join HIVE to receive rewards for your InkTober Art click here. I will give any inkTober account a 10 HP delegation to help start the account.

HIVE is great place for amateur and outsider artists as the platform is not overloaded with professional artists. Amateur artists are likely to receive decent rewards.

For those not familiar with HIVE. HIVE is a blockchain based social media platform which rewards users with the HIVE cryptocurrencies along with a variety of altcoins and prizes.

The HIVE rewards come from interest on the HIVE POWER held by participating accounts. The Upvote Calculator shows the rewards for accounts with a given amount of HIVE.

Each upvote reduces an account's voting power by 2%. The voting power regenerates at 20% a day. So, people on HIVE tend to upvote an average of ten times a day.

The upvote calculators showed the price of HIVE at $0.60. It showed that an upvote for 100,000 HP would be worth $3.16. Half of the rewards go to the creator and half to the curator. The creator would get $1.55 worth of rewards.

What this means is that if HIVE with 100,000 HP in voting power committed to curating #inkTober posts; then the artists posting their inkTober drawings are likely to earn a minimum of $1.55 per post. That would be about $50 for the duration of the event. Really good artists might make more.

The previous statement depends on a big "if." It presupposes that people on HIVE are aware for the game and that people are willing to upvote posts from the people playing the game.

BTW: I've worked with a large number of amateur and outsider artists. $50 is a pretty good deal because it is enough to pay for art materials. The artist keeps both their artworks and copyright. They can get inbound links to their other online galleries.

Life is not easy for outsider artists. Drawing 31 pictures is a real pain in the tush. It takes me about 8 hours to draw a picture. 31 pictures will take me about 240 hours.

What Should the HIVE Community Do With HashTag Games?

There are numerous hashtag games played on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. IMHO, HIVE should see see these games as an opportunity to attract people into the HIVE community.

Most hashtag games are informal by nature. HIVE does not need to have a formal process for playing the game.

To attract people to HIVE we need to first raise awareness about the game in HIVE and to get a few people committed to giving awards.

Once we have raised awareness of the hashtag game on HIVE, people from HIVE should start posting how HIVE is the ideal platform for the game as it will reward the players.

After advertising the hashtag game, people on HIVE should be prepared to provide resources and support to the players of the game.

The InkTober game involves drawing a picture a day for a month. New accounts start with 0 HP. Account resources depend on HP. People who come to HIVE to play inkTober will not have sufficient resources to play the game. So we should be prepared to dole out delegations to these users.

I am happy to give some delegations.

I think it would be smart to create external pages that promotes hashtag games. Inktober publishes a prompt for each day. So each post should have an ink drawing and the name of the prompt.

I will create a database that shows a gallery of the inktober images shown on HIVE. NOTE, as the page is really just an index to HIVE; so I will probably hotlink the the images.

Organic SEO and HashTag Games

Social media platforms love hashtag based games because the serve as fodder for organic SEO. People who play #inktober game on HIVE are likely to link to their hive posts. Attracting people who play hashtag games to HIVE should attract additional traffic and inbound links as well. It is organic SEO at its finest.

I Think Creative Coin is Ideal for InkTober

Personally, I think Creative Coin is the best tribe for the #inktober game. Different tribes might want to compete for inkTober accounts.

For example, folks on Meme Hive might want to challenge content creators to make memes of each of the inkTober prompts. WeAreAliveAndSocial might invite people to create life affirming memes.

It Might Be Too Late for inkTober 2021

It might be too late to start advertising for inkTober 2021. At the end of Every hashtag game, we should create a summary of the event that tallies the total amount of rewards received for the game.

I know how to see the HIVE rewards for a post. I will need to figure out how to receive info on the alt coins received.