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Hello guys,
Last summer I was in a very special place for vacation. I was in Kütahya, a province of Turkey. Many places here are pure natural wonders. There are amazing places in some parts of which most people are unaware. I wanted to share these beauties with you.

Going fishing in this pond was an amazing experience for me. I have fished many times in the stream and in the sea before, but this has been my best experience.

The reeds are home to many ducks and birds. I can't wait to share them and many more beauties with you next summer. Until then, please stay tuned.


There are different size fish in this pond. I can say the biggest is as big as my arm. I wanted so badly to jump on him and catch him while he was swimming near the surface. The fishing rod was not supposed to be hooked. He would probably take away all my supplies in such a situation.


And here is that amazing moment. One of many fish I catch. I felt the same excitement in each of them. Those who love fishing will understand what I mean.

As I said in the previous lines, there are birds, ducks and many other species here. Unfortunately, the camera I had that day was not of good quality. If I had known about this platform, I would have bought my camera sooner. Now I have the canon 200E but I'm not there.

Take care of yourselves. See you in new posts.


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This is very nice


Nice catch! Was the fish tasty!? 😋