Outdoor Grow Update - Smelling Fruity

in #hive-1957082 months ago

Hey folks..:) Welcome to another update for my outdoor Grow.

Its a sweaty 34 degrees here but the plants seem to be loving it 🌴👍😁

Check out the N13 Kush! She is really starting to get pretty bushy now..!

She has also started to show some crystals and it smells pretty spectacular ! Very fruity old skool skunk smells going on....😋 Really can't wait to see what this turns out like.


These 2 Tangie are also smelling really nice now and they are looking really healthy!


Still not much going on with this Tropicana Cookies.


Here we have the Gorilla Skittles looking beautiful ❤️


Peace, Graham.


😍 Gorgeous ladys!! Expecially the Gorilla one 😍

!discovery 15

Cheers man 🍻


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Gskittles looks 🔥

I would love to have some old school skunk. Crazy how people have hoarded that gentiec to themselves. Cant really say I can blame them.


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