Gardening with The Anarchist's: After Hours!

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What's up my fellow Cannabis Lovers and Enthusiasts!? Another week has come and gone, and you know what that means! :) It's time to welcome you all back to another edition of:

Gardening with The Anarchist's: After Hours!

It's definitely been a week of questions and what I hope will be learning experiences for the future here at "The Anarchist's Alcove", but we are determined in our attempt to help these beauties to thrive!

But without further ado, let start out with the highlights from last week's Special Edition of "After Hours"!

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Last Week's Highlights!

Last week was a pretty good week here at the "Alcove", and all the plants seemed to pick up a little besides Plant 5, which seems to have reacted poorly to the miracle grow that was added the week prior.

The heat also seemed to play a huge role this week, not only in drying out the substrate in each planter, but I also think it may have been the cause of the plants starting to turn yellow!

Plant 4 did suffer a burnt leaf that I could never quite figure out the cause, but again, I believe it may have been due partially to the heat. My watering schedule may have also played a role in that as well, but only time will tell on that front!

I also noticed a moss-like film growing between the soil and milk jug planter walls, which I believe is due to the planters' thin plastic walls moving and causing air gaps between the settling soil and the planter itself!

So, branching off of that, let's talk about what I've learned from the last few weeks!

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Learning Experiences!

I can't lie, I feel like I've learned a lot so far from this first grow! And I know I will continue to learn throughout this and my future grows!

First of all, I should have kept a better eye on the sprouts when they were first starting, and I also should have transplanted them once they had fully popped from the soil like I originally intended instead of waiting an extra day and a half.

Secondly, I should have allowed the soil to settle in my homemade planters for a few days before we transplanted our seedlings, and possibly should have added some sand or something similar to help aerate the soil and prevent it from settling as much as it has!

As for the homemade planters, I should have made the drainage holes either bigger, or just opened them up a little bit more than what I did to allow for more water flow. Also, the ventilation was an issue at first, which means I needed, and will have to be mindful of next time I make homemade planters, to cut the top off of the jugs completely instead of leaving the handle like I originally did.

Also, I think I may have been overwatering, or watering at the wrong times during the day. There have been a few times that I've watered in the middle of the day, thinking this would help cool the plants, but I think that since I'm using the milk and water jugs as planters, it's causing the soil to heat up more it should, which could be causing the wilting and yellowing of the plants!

Other than that, I believe I may have added the organic fertilizers too soon, but hopefully I didn't add too much to harm these growing beauties!

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The Week 5 Update!

Picking up on Monday, June the 20th, I watered all the plants when I got home from work. I definitely need to figure out something for more water retention because all the substrate has been drying out. All the plants look really good, although Plant 5 seems to be stunted, possibly due to the miracle grow that was added? I'll continue to monitor to see how it goes!


While all the other plants seem to be getting bushier, Plant 5 seems to be stunted, which I have to assume is due to the miracle grow!

hive dividers-05.png

Moving right along into Tuesday, June the 21st, the substrate was dry again in all the planters, so I watered again as soon as I got home. I did notice that Plant 5 is turning more yellow, which must be due to the miracle grow that was added to the planter. Either that, or it may have been receiving too much water due to the water retention of said miracle grow.

Out of the rest of the plants, Plant 1 is by far the most improved! I'm so excited to see how it continues to progress! Although Plant 6 still looks amazing, I've noticed that the leaves are starting to fold into themselves. The first set of leaves on Plant 2 have also started to slightly turn yellow, which I will have to continue to monitor. Plant 3 and Plant 4 look like they are doing well, with no notable changes. Also, the substrate in the milk jug planters has started to settle a lot more, leaving it about two inches lower than it was after adding my homemade substrate mix from Week 2.


You can start to see in this picture that Plant 6's leaves are started to fold. I'm not quiet sure of the cause!

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Once I got home the following evening, Wednesday, June the 22nd, I watered them again because I do believe they need more water than normal plants, or am I wrong in that assumption? Plant 5 looks about the same size and color, and I'm wondering if it is being overwatered? I'll have to continue to monitor and possible start keeping a record of exactly how much I am watering the plants! Do any of the experienced growers out there keep watering records?


Plant 5 still seems about the same, and the leaves on Plant 6 seem to be folding more.

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I got off really early on Thursday, June the 23rd, around 11 AM, and I watered all the plants immediately with cold water, with hopes that this would cool down the soil a little bit. All plants are looking really good today; except Plant 5, which still looks about the same. And I am now wondering, after a comment from @canna-curate, if the soil is getting too hot? Maybe I should cut back on watering when I get home, and start watering later in the evening?


You can reply start to see the color during the daytime shots, Plant 5 still not getting any better.

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I didn't end up watering on Friday, June the 24th, because I was going to water in the evening, but I fell asleep rocking Junior before I got the opportunity. Plants are definitely looking a little more yellow as well, which leaves me wondering if the soil is in fact too hot for them? I absolutely need to transplant them all soon, preferably this coming week!


Here, you can see the plants are a little more yellow than they should be, and I hope that they will recover if I can figure out a way to lower the soil temperature!

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Luckily, temperatures were only in the high 70's on Saturday, June the 25th, which I thought was the perfect chance to water the plants and see how they do! After seeing how they were yellowing the day before, I'm really hoping they will start to recover! Again, since this is an extremely budgeted first grow, I haven't had the spare funds available to purchase buckets for the transplant yet, but hopefully soon! :)


These babies are definitely in need of a transplant soon! Any suggestions on a budget substrate? Other than my garden soil?


Plant 1 is growing a new set of leaves! :)

hive dividers-05.png

After raining in the middle of the night on Sunday, June the 26th, I checked them in the morning to see how they were all doing! Plant 5 doesn't seem to be doing any better as of yet, but as I'm trying to figure out the best time to water, I hope I can get this little one to make a comeback! Plant 1 is still looking phenomenal and is by far the best looking plant at this time! Plant 6 still looks like the leaves are folding in on themselves, but I hope that a new watering schedule will help that as well! After seeing how the plants have done this week, I think it's definitely time to perform a transplant!


I know it's only been a week, but Plant 5 still hasn't started to recover. I hope that after a transplant and a new watering schedule, each of the plants will recover and start to thrive!

hive dividers-05.png

So what do you guys think? Not a bad week by any means, but I'm definitely starting to question some things now that the plants are starting to yellow. And also, now that Plant 6's leaves are starting to fold, I'm unsure of what I'm doing wrong or what I need to change!

But sadly, that about wraps up this update, thank you all for joining us here at "The Anarchist's Alcove"!

I hope you all have a great week, and don't forget to tune-in next week for another "After Hours" Update!

Stay Trippy, My Little Hippies! ✌️💚


  • As always, the pictures used in this Update were taken on the old reliable Moto G Stylus
  • Signature provided by @doze! Check out his profile for more cool

Are you in the USA? If so craigslist can have free containers at times.

Did you use miracle grow soil or fertilizer? The salts in the miracle grow can and will destroy the rhizosphere and force you to continue adding inorganic plant soluble salt fertilizers to chase deficiencies.

If your plants are in direct sun in those tiny containers you might have problems.

If I was desperate, though I wouldn't recommend due to ethical reasoning, I might find a near by forest or healthy forested like area and take some soil home to add to a hole dug into the ground...

I do live in the USA, and I will definitely be looking into marketplace more on Facebook and Craigslist if I can!

To be honest, I believe it was Miracle Grow Soil that the neighbors mixed with their plants, but I'm not quite sure. They just said that was usually what the used to grow their garden and cannabis, but I've always heard bad things about using miracle grow for your plants. Luckily, only Plant 5 recieved that mixture.

Really? I hope this isn't a stupid question, but why is that? Soil temperatures?

And actually, I'm very proud to mention that I will have a special update coming within the next few days! I need to look through my replies on my previous posts, but someone had once recommended some soil, and I'm very happy to report that I had some extra funds available to purchase a better setup for the plants!! :) And I would love to get your opinion on it!

Thanks for all of your expert advice! You definitely deserve a follow, and I can't wait to see what all I can learn from you! ✌️

Really? I hope this isn't a stupid question, but why is that? Soil temperatures?

If this is in reference to the small containers then yes.

  • The roots have no need for carbon dioxide (cO2). Respiration gives off heat, and it also requires a minimum temperature to start and continue; if the temperature gets too high, the reactions go haywire. If that happens, the roots will take in water but then they will do their best to retain it and so the process of transpiration (which provides water to the whole of the plant and cools it) will be disrupted. Instead, the roots transfer the excess heat generated from respiration (latent heat) to the surrounding medium. Dense mediums such as soil, sand, and even water, have a large temperature buffer which means that the temperature fluctuations over 24 hours will be minimal under normal conditions.


but I've always heard bad things about using miracle grow for your plants.

It can be, I am extremally biased though. The salt content in the miracle grow makes water unavailable to the plant and kills the micro-biology. But I have seen lots of people many different times use miracle grow with no problems except for the final product that does not taste good.

Thanks for all of your expert advice! You definitely deserve a follow, and I can't wait to see what all I can learn from you!

Well, I appreciate your kind words and thank you for the follow! Just know I have made more mistakes than not. Hopefully, we learn from each other!

Yes, that was in reference to the small containers, and thank you for that amazing information! The soil would get hot to the touch, and I was wondering if the small sizes of my containers (and especially the black coffee canister containers) we're absorbing too much heat! Thanks to your help, I now know this is true!

It can be, I am extremally biased though.

Honestly, even though this is my first grow, I'm extremely biased towards using miracle grow with cannabis as well, but I started researching and trying to learn the ins and outs of growing for about 10 years. I originally wanted to build my own box and start growing when I got out of highschool, but unfortunately, I never got that started!
And personally, taste is everything when it comes to cannabis! So I'm definitely going to be avoiding it all costs!

The salt content in the miracle grow makes water unavailable to the plant and kills the micro-biology.

In your opinion, do you think that Plant 5 could recover after a transplant into better substrate?

Just know I have made more mistakes than not. Hopefully, we learn from each other!

Hey, we all make mistakes! The most important process is learning from those mistakes! And I am very fortunate to have found the Weedcash Network Community to help me learn! I know I've already learned quite a bit these last few weeks, but I hope I can continue to learn a lot from everyone here! :)

You know this school I always wanted to take but wasnt available until recently online. I learned a lot of really key stuff with this school's foundation courses.

If you can watch each video/lecture 3-4 times that corresponds to each lesson (63) than you should pass this no problem. In my opinion this is very well worth the money!

@dynamicgreentk is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to soil, therefore also plants. . You got this bro!

And @jonyoudyer has one of the best food gardens on Hive and it is at his work!

Well I will definitely have some questions for you @jonyoudyer, outside of your @canna-curate work!

Good soil is everything when it comes to plants, so I'm excited to be able to learn from @dynamicgreentk!

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