Gardening with The Anarchist's: After Hours! The Week 9 Update!

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What's up my fellow Cannabis Lovers and Enthusiasts!? Thank you all for joining us today, and I would personally like to welcome you back to another edition of:


We just finished up our second month of our very first grow, and let me tell you, it has been one exciting ride! To be honest with you, everything we've done so far has been completely experimental, as this is an extremely budgeted grow!

I believe we have a total of $80 invested into our grow so far; $60 of that came from the different FoxFarm Potting Soils we bought and the other $20 was spent on 6 five-gallon buckets! Both of which we were able to purchase from our local Rural King store! Of course, there wass the original investment on the weed the seeds came from too! 😊

Now, with that being said, we have managed to keep our plants alive and thriving in their outdoor environment, and hopefully this grow will be a great first step in completing a yearly outdoor grow, while I also hope to learn enough to accomplish an indoor grow through the winter months as well!

But with that, let's take a look at the highlight from last week!


Week 8 Review!

Well, last week was a bit of a slow week in my honest opinion, although I was finally able to add the new FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil to the buckets! I only did this to fill them the rest of the way up, but I'm sure they will definitely enjoy the extra soil to dig into!

Unfortunately, Plant 5 didn't survive the second month, even after it showed a little bit of life in the first half week! All the other plants seem to be doing really well though, and the yellowing on the leaves of Plant 6 started to get better too!

On top of that, I got lucky and didn't have to water the plants last week either, because we got some pretty good rain at the end of the week, which actually helped me out a little bit because I didn't have any "degassed" tap water ready to use!

I did rotate the buckets a few times, just to try to promote a fuller plant growth, and most of the plants have started to get bushier and bigger by the day, which is truly an incredible sight to see!

But with that, let's take a look at what I've learned from the grow this week!


Most Recent Learning Experiences!

Well, unfortunately, one of the most important things I've learned this past week is that Miracle Grow does not work for cannabis plants! I know that some people have been able to get it to work, but after seeing the root of Plant 5, I cannot say that it was beneficial in any way!

I did, however, learn an awesome tip from @canna-curate called "degassing" (which I mentioned above) your tap water! This is allowing your tap water to sit out for at least 24 hours to allow the chlorine to evaporate out! I had personally never heard of this before, but I know how beneficial that will be to our plants!

Another thing I've learned that I will definitely be applying to our future grows, is that I really have to be mindful of when I plant during the outdoor season. Moving forward, I should probably start the germination process sooner so I can get the plants started out earlier in the Spring.

This way, since the plants are receiving a natural light cycle, they would have stayed in the vegetative state longer before they started to flower, which also would have allowed them to get much bigger!

Also, the Happy Frog Potting Soil from FoxFarms has been a true blessing to us and our plants! While I never got a good picture of their height, each plant has easily doubled in size since their transplant! This just goes to show you that good, quality soil goes a long way and is an absolute must when growing cannabis just as much as any other plant!

Well, my biased opinions aside, let's move on to why you're really here!


The Week 9 Daily Breakdown!

As always, we'll start out the Daily Breakdown on Monday, July the 18th! It did start to rain lightly again in the mid morning, but nothing severe by any means! Each of our plants are looking outstanding to start this week out, with Plant 2 looking the best so far to start this week!

Plants 3, 4 and 6 are looking pretty fantastic as well, and Plant 1 still looks fine, but it is definitely not growing at the same rate that the rest are!


unfortunately, they are all starting to droop a little bit, which possibly means I went to long between waterings, but other than that they are looking really good!


Moving on into Tuesday, July the 19th, I didn't get home until around 5:30, but unfortunately, I didn't get to go out and check on them until after 9! Plant 1 still looks about the same, but Plant 2 is definitely getting bushier around it's base!

Plant 3 and Plant 4 also have new leaf-like growths on the bottom most sets of branches, but nothing compared to Plant 2! We're definitely moving right along now, because all of our plants are all definitely starting to stink a little bit! 💚


While they aren't too tall yet (only about 2 feet tall maybe), I hope they start getting a little bigger! I also believe they will start showing their sex indicators soon! 😊


I didn't get home again until around 5:30 on Wednesday, July the 20th, and checked on our plants not long after getting back! The substrate was fairly dry on top for the first time in a few days, and each of the five plants look better than they did yesterday! Most of the leaves have stopped drooping as well, which is definitely a good sign!

I'm not sure what exactly caused this "super droop" because I still haven't watered the plants, but it may possible be due to the overcast skies we have experienced the past 2 days.

While I was inspecting another plant, Junior came up and gave Plant 1 a "high five" which bent the stalk pretty good unfortunately, but I don't think any branches or the stalk broke anywhere, so I think it should recover pretty well! Normally he's pretty good about not messing with the plants, as I have them off to the side, but I'll definitely have to be more careful moving forward!


Thankfully, all the plants seem to be doing pretty well! Hopefully we get a good female to male ratio out of these regular seeds!


Plant 1 after the "high five"! I really hope this beauty can make a recovery! This one has always been a favorite of mine from the beginning!

I also discovered, with the help of @futuremind and @ericwilson, that Plant 3 is a male! So, since I'm not in a position to cross pollinate species right now, I pulled him out and away from the rest of our Plants! Fortunately, this is the only plant I've noticed growing the pollen sacks as of now!

With this discovery, we are now down to only 4 plants; Plant 1, Plant 2, Plant 4, and Plant 6! Hopefully these will remain female! :)


You can definitely see the pollen sacks here! A very definitive sign of a male plant! On another note, look at those roots thanks to the Happy Frog Soil! They definitely exploded over the last few weeks!


It's pretty unfortunate that this one turned out to be a male, but I believe I got it in time before it had a chance to pollinate the others!


Well, our hours at work have officially started getting cut back, so I got home really early on Thursday, July the 21st, but I didn't go outside to check on the plants around 3 PM because I was talking with Murty and playing with Junior!

Plant 1 does look a little better, but I did notice that two of the upper branches have a small break on the underside of the branch, and a portion of the top flower has a small break in it as well! Hopefully it will still survive!

I also gave them a pretty thorough inspection, because I figured if Plant 3 was showing signs of being a male, then the others would start showing their sex indicators here soon as well!

Well, I truly believe to the best of my knowledge that Plant 4 is a female, but I should definitely know within the next few days! Plant 1, Plant 2 and Plant 6 are still a little too hard to tell, but I haven't noticed any pollen sacs like I saw on Plant 3, so this must be a good sign!


Hopefully the lack of visible pollen sacks are a good sign of females, but we will soon!


As anticipated, I got home around lunch on Friday, July the 22nd, and inspected the plants pretty thoroughly before we went on our weekly shopping run.

As of today, I can definitely say that Plant 4 is in fact our very first female plant! Unfortunately, I still can't really tell on Plant 1 or 2, but I personally believe that Plant 6 is showing signs of being a male! 😕

I didn't separate it from the rest of the rest of the plants, but I will definitely be keeping a very close eye on this one! The last thing we want is for a male to pollinate our newly discovered female plant!


The tops are really starting to look like tops now! Also, I've noticed a little more droopage, so maybe I need to adjust my water schedule some more!


I did notice on Saturday, July the 23rd, that the pistils on Plant 4 are visibly getting more pronounced! It's so exciting to think that I'm just a few months, this girl will be about ready to harvest!

I am still afraid that Plant 6 is showing more definitive signs of being a male! Yet, I still decided against throwing it out, because this is our first time growing, and I'm still unsure of how exactly to tell a male from a female in these early stages, and I want to be sure before doing anything I may regret later!

Unfortunately, Plant 1 and 2 are still undetermined for the time being! There do seem to be what looks like the start of the white pistils on them both, but for me personally, it's still a little early to tell.

On a side note, I started degassing 2 gallons of water in the mid morning to be used for future waterings! 😊


Plant 1 seems like it has a white pistil growing, but still a little early to tell!


Plant 2, still a complete unknown, but hopefully we will see definitive signs here soon!


Plant 4 is most definitely a female! Even though it's a little blurry, you can start to see the pistil in the second picture!


Plant 6 is also still unknown for me, but I do have my suspicions that this one is a male!


Finishing up the week on Sunday, July the 24th, all four of our plants are looking good, and I believe that Plant 1 is starting to show signs of white pistils! Plant 2 is still undetermined as of now, but I personally believe that is a good sign in itself!

It definitely looks like it's going to rain at some point, and honestly all the plants could use it! Plant 6 has started budding more growth, but there still aren't any signs of the white pistils! Which, that does seem to me like it may be a male after all!


Plant 1 is trying to show that pistil, which is definitely getting more pronounced! Plant 2 showing the small budding growth which, for me, is still too early to tell between male and female.


You can really see that pistil on Plant 4 against the black background! Plant 6 is still looking like it will be a male to me, and I'll most likely trash him within the next few days unfortunately.


Well guys, that will do it for this one! I hope you all enjoyed this edition, and don't forget to tune-in next time for another "After Hours" Update!

I hope you all have an awesome rest of your week! Stay Trippy, My Little Hippies! ✌️💚

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Great looking plants man. Hopefully you dont have any more males showing up to the party.

not all the seed can be a female but it is a great experience :D. I was learning a lot cultivating my plants, sometimes it is was a male and other never geminate the seed and more errors from which i have learned a lot

That looks great to me!


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O man that really sucks to hear about the male, Happens and good to pull them out. I always recommend regular seeds though as the process to get fems is iffy


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Looking really good dude.
I'm super impressed with how healthy and beautiful your plants are, your eagerness to learn, humility with mistakes, and your awesome positive attitude.
You have what it takes to be a pro grower, and it's not going to take you long to get there ;)

Significant improvement! 💪

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