What is Hive Aid?

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Hive Aid is active supporter of oppressed individuals on hive. If you see someone being abused, especially in the in rewards pool, please do inform us.

How to Report Abuse

Hive Aid is an on chain service, operated only on the hive blockchain to ensure the authenticity of the service provided. Commenting on this post is the only official place to report abusive content on hive.

Comment format,

Post Link:
Reason for Reporting:

What is Abuse?

Abuse can be many things, you may even return to find this definition has been changed or alerted to better suit the average hive users experience.

  • Spam
  • Threats
  • Plagiarism
  • Reward Pool Abuse

@hive-aid Counter Votes

Content that has not violated Hive Aid's definitions of abuse will be upvoted. We support all content creators from all walks of life.

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Oh... Interesting.

I definitely am interested in knowing.

Ok. Yeah man here is a vote.

reblogging this

This is interesting. How's this going to counter vote when it only has zero HP. Or am I missing something?

Hive Power is provided by anyone who supports the cause. We do not ask for delegations, but they will be received well.

Okay, will do

Delegation sent your way.

I guess we are already turning heads. A millionaire downvoted our account, we are just learning now of Azircon and were told not to bother asking questions or tagging but we believe in an open dialog. I tagged him in an above comment and waiting for a response. Don't want to spam anyone with tags either.


Interesting it's great to have support

This sounds like an interesting project. It will be interesting to see your definition of abuse.

Since HIVE offers rewards to writers, the platform needs a vigorous debate about what is and is not abuse.

I like #hivewatchers . I think they have good intent in protecting against copyright violations and spam. There are spam accounts that need to be downvoted to a negative reputation.

Unfortunately #hivewatchers has history of piling on and destroying the accounts for relatively minor transgressions. Even worse, they often fail to remove people from their DV list after they correct the error.

#hivewatchers should always communicate the reason for the downvote. Most people will comply.

I think HIVE benefits from a vigorous debate about what is and is not abuse.

BTW: I think that #tagspam is a serious problem. Many people list every money producing tag on every posts. Tag spam ends up creating a great deal of irrelevant posts for a given tag and it abuses the reward pools for the tags.

I understand that Leo Finance is aggressive about DVing people who post articles unrelated to cryptofinance using their tags.

People who want to defend a tag from spam need to discuss the issue before launching in on a DV war.

We can discuss a community tag + token.

Waves tokens are in development, to repatriate anyone with zeroed posts. The distribution algo is in development.

I look forward to seeing the Waves Token.

Since the tribes are trying to develop niche audiences, I think it is fair for the tribes to strip irrelevant posts of alt-coin awards.

Communication is the key to successful policing of HIVE. The mute list is an okay. There needs to be a good way to inform people of when they were put on the mute list and what they need to do to get off it.

Spaminator gives dvs without telling people why.

The abuse of the rewards pool by not only @spaminator but other accounts was one of the main motivators to create this account.

This account is already being attacked by @azircon why?

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Hive Aid is active supporter of oppressed individuals on hive. If you see someone being abused, especially in the in rewards pool, please do inform us.

ME! ME ! ME ! LOLOL...

Your comment was downvoted by @spaminator

This is clear rewards pool abuse by spaminator.

@hive-aid is investigating, thank you for sharing.

@hivewatchers are you interested in having a friendly competitive service in this demographic?

Good luck,...herding cats is nearly impossible.