Event Announcement: About the first issue you encountered on the Hive Blockchain

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Hello. The last event on our community page was held five months ago. The activity rate of users using the Hive blockchain has dropped. Likewise, there is a decrease in activity in the Cent Community. We continue the activities from where we left off to make our community more active. The event we organized is again about Hive. We are curious about the first issue our community members faced when they started using the Hive Blockchain. We want them to share with us which method they used to solve the problem they encountered. Below you can find information about the event's theme, rules and event rewards.

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Subject of the event:
What was the first problem you faced when you joined the Hive Blockchain? Have any of your friends encountered the same problem? How did you solve this problem?

Rules of the event:

  • Make a post about the event we are organizing. There are no restrictions on the language, title and tags of the post.
  • We do not approve of the reposting of previously shared content. And please avoid sharing a few sentences that may be perceived as spam.
  • Post must be posted on Cent's community page. One of our purposes for organizing the event is to increase activity in our community.
  • We will determine the prize-winning posts according to the number of positive votes they receive. Publishers of the five content with the highest number of votes will win the aforementioned prizes. This means that each winner will receive 5 HIVE SBI sponsorships and 500 Ecency points. We are aware that this method can be manipulated. But we are also curious about your activity on the blockchain :)
  • The event will continue for one week from the release of this content.

Event rewards:
25 HIVE SBI sponsorships. See: Hive SBI
2500 Ecency Points. See: Ecency score

Stay tuned to see you in new events. Our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/fJMMUYfM5W



Thank you :)

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that is so nice, the prize looks awesome.

Thank you. We will do better events. I think that the activity in the community will increase with the effect of the events.

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Yay! 🤗
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What do you mean by this?

Post must be posted on Cent's community page.

Here: https://www.centblog.org/

How about here: https://peakd.com/c/hive-173575/created

I usually published content on CENT selecting the CENT community from PeakD.

centblog.org is unfortunately not useful. We will move to the new front end. But it also requires a certain cost (2500 BEE). This will take some time. So you can post it on the community page.

Thank you!