Beholded Silence ☯️

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In a world saturated with noise, the pursuit of silence has taken on profound significance across various philosophical traditions...
Harmonizing with the Tao, an ineffable force that permeates all existence, Silence is not mere absence of sound but a gateway to attuning oneself with the rythim of the universe by quieting the mind and speech, fostering inner peace...
The Silence within, with its focus on mindfulness and meditation, is a tool for cultivating awareness. In the stillness of the mind, one can observe thoughts without attachment, transcending the constant chatter of the ego. The void, in buddhist philosophy, represents the potential for enlightenment found in the silent spaces between thoughts.


(A personal reflection...)
Finding calm in chaos for individuals with ADHD, the incessant mental chatter and external stimuli can be overwhelming. Embracing silence becomes a therapeutic exercise... Its a way for an indistinct view of facts without rooted perceptions and stay tuned in the present.
Individuals with ADHD often find themselves navigating a unique interplay with anxiety. The inherent difficulty in sustaining focus and the impulsivity can lead to a heightened sense of restlessness.
Rash decisions is paradoxal with the long term investment game, requiring patience, strategic planning... A calm mind enables to stay grounded, fostering awareness, preventing to simply be reactive, focusing on sustained growth & harvesting compounding effects of time by not getting on its own way...